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Camera upgrade enhances city safety

Thursday May 21 2020

Work is underway to upgrade CCTV security cameras in Palmerston North’s central business district and the Square.

Chubb is carrying out the work to upgrade nine cameras as part of routine budgeted maintenance. The city’s crime prevention camera system was established in 2004, in a partnership between the Palmerston North City Council, the Palmerston North Safety Advisory Board and Police. The system is owned and maintained by Council.

A recent review of the camera system has shown that an upgrade is needed to ensure the equipment contributes effectively to the safety of our city. Some of the cameras have been in place for almost 15 years and are now considered outdated technology. Where they are placed has also been reviewed, recognising some will need to be repositioned to ensure views are not obstructed.

Seven of the new cameras are three-way multi-sensor cameras (covering 270 degrees), with two four-way cameras (360 degrees). They are 5MP, giving clear pictures, and the units are less visible to the public and less prone to vandalism. The monitor at the Police Watch House is also being upgraded to cope with the increased amount of footage.

The cameras are actively monitored, with images being recorded 24/7.

The increased volume of images will be securely stored on the Council’s virtual server for 30 days before being overwritten, and we actively work with Police to ensure timely access to the camera footage when requested.

Council’s Chief Customer Officer, Chris Dyhrberg says Palmerston North is growing and more people are coming into the CBD and enjoying activities and events in the Square.

“Council has goals for a creative and exciting city as well as a connected and safe community, so the timing is right to support this vitality by making sure the best equipment is in place to help protect people’s safety.

“We want people to enjoy the buzz of our city, knowing that their safety is taken seriously. This upgrade should come as a warning that unlawful and aggressive actions are not welcome and will be dealt with by Police.”

Council, the Safety Advisory Board and Police continue to monitor the need for further cameras in city locations.