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Central Energy Trust Arena water damage

Tuesday January 29 2019

Due to a significant weather event on 20 December 2018, Fly Palmy Arena and the B&M Centre at Central Energy Trust Arena suffered water damage to their building. Staff immediately responded and are working closely with Palmerston North City Council’s insurance assessors to determine the best approach to mitigating the damage.

Photo shows signwriter in a cherrypicker painting the Fly Palmy logo on the Arena 2 building.

Fly Palmy Arena.

Council’s insurers last week confirmed work can commence to replace the Fly Palmy Arena floor, while the B&M Centre floor has been undergoing some repairs.

“The majority of affected customers who have scheduled events in Fly Palmy Arena have now all been contacted,” says Sacha Haskell, General Manager – Marketing and Communications. “We contacted them as soon as we knew the outcome of the insurance assessment.”

Arena staff are working to ensure the timeframe for the installation of the new floor is the least disruptive for the facility bookings.

“We’ve aimed to ensure our combined facilities can host most booked events, however there is the need to relocate or cancel some bookings,” says Haskell.

“Regular community users of the venue and other clients have been very understanding and we’ve really appreciated their support as we work through the process of trying to coordinate changes to their bookings.”

Works have commenced across the facility and the Fly Palmy Arena replacement floor is due to be operational by 1 July.

The replacement floor will be the same as the current floor, which is a sprung wooden floor for high-level sports. It is constructed from Junckers Beech, a hardwood sourced from the Netherlands.

The B&M Centre floor suffered less water damage and is currently in a drying process and is being closely monitored to determine when it’s ready for use.

A portable sports floor is expected to arrive later this week, which will ensure games and some events, such as the Harlem Globetrotters, the Pulse game and The Eclipse – Pink Floyd Tribute, can continue as planned over the next couple of months.