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Consultation starts on Ashhurst Domain scout hall

Wednesday November 4 2020

We want to hear what our residents think about leasing a part of the Ashhurst Domain for a scout hall.

Scouts are wanting to lease approximately 1,000sqm of the area currently used for sportsfield overflow carparking.

Scouts would pay for the building and be responsible for its construction, operation, maintenance, and the health and safety of users.

The proposed lease would be for 10 years, with a 10 year right to renew.

The Scouts have indicated the hall would be used for activities, meetings and a kitchen space.

Council Parks and Reserves Manager Kathy Dever-Tod says any activities happening at the hall would need to meet our District Plan rules.

“If Scouts wanted overnight events, or events that could impact traffic or noise over District Plan requirements, then they’d need to apply for a resource consent.”

The proposal would require us to relocate some of the overflow carparking to the east, and we’d likely need to remove some of the shrubs along the border and trim some trees.

As the Ashhurst Domain is a reserve, this proposal is being considered under the Reserves Act legislation.

Ms Dever-Tod is calling on residents to let us know their thoughts on the hall.

“We’d love as much feedback as possible about people’s thoughts on this proposal. The more submissions we receive enables us to make the best decisions for the Domain, our community groups and our residents.”

Submissions can be made at the Ashhurst Library or

Pony Club submissions also open

We’re also considering whether to issue a lease to the Pony Club for Otira Park. The Pony Club has used the site since the 1970s. It currently leases close to 44,000 square metres.

There is a walkway neighbouring the lease area for public access to and through Otira Park. The Pony Club uses the area for games, jumping, dressage and theory for members aged between five and 25 years old.

The proposed lease period is three years.

Submissions can be made at

Submissions for both consultations are open until 4pm on Monday 7 December.