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Decrease in electronic waste disposal fees

Thursday July 5 2018

Palmerston North City Council has reduced e-waste disposal fees at the Ferguson Street Recycling Centre. The reduced fees came into effect on 1 July and will run for 12 months.

E-waste is one of the world’s most toxic types of waste. Many e-waste items contain elements that can be recycled, but also chemicals that can leach into our soil and waterways.

Residents using the e-waste disposal service will be sending their unwanted electronic items to a processing plant where they are dismantled in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

“The Ferguson Street Recycling Centre currently receives about two per cent of Palmerston North’s e-waste per year,” says Ray Swadel, General Manager City Networks. “We hope the lower charges will increase that statistic and help discourage illegal dumping.”

Reduced fees are just one way Council is helping to remove the barriers residents might face when trying to do the right thing with their unwanted items.

Councillors agreed in April to trial reduced fees in the interests of keeping more e-waste out of the environment and diverting it from landfill.

See the new fees at e-waste recycling