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Five buildings added to the earthquake-prone register

Thursday October 24 2019

Palmerston North City Council announced today five buildings have been added to the earthquake-prone register.

This has resulted from a high-level desktop review undertaken by BECA on behalf of Council, who viewed a random sample of 12 buildings designed by Kevin O’Connor and Associates.

The BECA report identified eight of these buildings required further investigation by the building owners. As a result, Council contacted them and issued a notice of request for engineering assessment. This gave building owners 12 months (until 10 October 2019) to respond to that notice, as required by legislation.

As of 21 October, one building owner has notified Council their independent investigation carried out shows their building is not earthquake-prone. Another building owner has been given a time extension to seek independent advice. Another has until February next year before replying to Council.

This means five of the sampled buildings, which are mostly warehouse/light industrial, have been deemed to be potentially earthquake-prone and placed on the national earthquake-prone building register. The deadline for the owners of the five buildings to complete seismic work is 15 years, as specified in the Building Act 2004.

PNCC Chief Customer and Operating Officer Chris Dyhrberg says: “Any building owners who have concerns following the media reports should obtain independent engineering advice and discuss this with Council.

“Palmerston North City Council takes its responsibility seriously and depends upon independent qualified experts to provide it with correct advice on structural matters during the construction process.”