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Images of the Square and Memorial Park upgrades revealed

Tuesday November 26 2019

New images have been released revealing what the Square and Memorial Park will look like after major upgrades over the next year.

The images can be found on a new hub on the Palmerston North City Council website that showcases some of the biggest capital projects we’re working on.

The pages in the hub will be updated with before and after photos, timelines and consultation material. They also show what Council plan the projects fall under so residents can understand why we are doing the work.

Council’s Chief Infrastructure Officer Tom Williams says over the next year Council will be seeking to invest 82 million dollars in new infrastructure and upgrades.

“We have more than 200 programmes of work, but for this hub we’ve picked some of the most exciting and visible projects the public will see, as well as ones dedicated to improving services. These projects show some of the ways we’re making our city more creative and exciting, safe and connected, innovative, and with a strong eco city focus.”

He says the new hub is a response to the public wanting to know more about what Council does.

“Our projects have always been detailed in our Annual Plan and a few will have received media coverage, but we want to share more detail about these hero projects. This hub gives the public the ability to regularly check in on some of the big projects they’re interested in.”

We will continue to consult and engage with residents, businesses, iwi and communities affected by these upgrades as normal. This page will supplement that.

The hub can be found at: