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Kelvin Grove residents urged to conserve water

Monday August 3 2020

Kelvin Grove residents are being urged to reduce their water use over the next couple of days, to avoid low water pressure.

Council staff are replacing the pump in one of the bores that supplies water to the suburb. The bore, known as Roberts Line 2, supplies the majority of drinking water to Kelvin Grove residents.

It has been switched off for this maintenance work to occur, which means water to the suburb is coming from the other Roberts Line bore, and one at Keith Street. These two bores are however smaller, and cannot supply the same amount of water as the bore being repaired.

The work on the bore is occurring over the next couple of days and should be complete on Wednesday.

This work only impacts Kelvin Grove, as the rest of the city’s drinking water comes from other locations.

Some easy ways to reduce water

  • Make use of technology and delay start your washing machine and dishwashers for during the day – and only do full loads.
  • Instead of baths, have a short shower instead.
  • Have shorter showers, or have them earlier in the day or later at night if possible.
  • Rain is on the horizon- so don’t water your garden or wash your car over the next couple of days.
  • Turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth.