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Normal water use can resume | Repairs to water main completed

Saturday September 26 2020

Palmerston North residents can now return to using water as normal, after significant repairs to the city’s main water pipe were completed early this morning.

The pipe, which supplies two-thirds of the city’s water from the Turitea Dam, burst early yesterday morning.

That means all of Palmerston North’s water was being supplied from the bores and reservoirs around the city.

Residents were asked to start conserving water yesterday morning, and late yesterday were asked to only use water for drinking, hygiene and cooking.

Chief Executive Heather Shotter says residents should be extremely proud of their efforts.

“Our data shows that our residents and businesses understood the seriousness of this situation, and immediately reduced their consumption. During our peak time, our residents were using 100,000 litres fewer per hour than on any other day. This is astounding and we are very grateful for their efforts.”

Ms Shotter says Council’s water operations team has worked around the clock to get the repairs completed, and the next step will be determining what caused the pipe to burst.

“We’ve worked hard to build a resilient network to ensure our city’s water comes from a wide variety of sources at different locations. This means that when unexpected issues occur, or a significant natural disaster were to happen, our residents and businesses have a far higher chance of having a drinking water supply. The value of this approach has been proven here and is why we were able to continue to supply drinking water despite the seriousness of this incident.”

Ms Shotter says a major construction project is already underway for a second main water pipe, to reduce the chance of an incident like this occurring again.