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Local Government Elections: Palmerston North City Council preliminary results

Sunday October 13 2019

The preliminary results of the Palmerston North City Council elections were announced by the Electoral Officer at 5pm on Sunday 13 October.

The preliminary results reflect the progress results, which confirmed the Mayor and 15 councillors, with only one change in positions between excluded councillor candidates Duncan McCann and Latham Lockwood.

Voter turnout for Palmerston North was revised to 37.32%, equating to 20,837 voting papers received.

The tables show the names of candidates in the order they have been elected, or reverse order they have been excluded:

Mayoral preliminary result

One mayor elected from six candidates.




Smith, Grant Independent Elected
Tuiono, Teanau Green Excluded
Asquith, Andy Independent Labour Group Excluded
Kikhounga-N’Got, P. Hussein   Excluded
Engu, Maruna (Donut Man)   Excluded
Barber, Ross Easton Team God, Theosophical Society Excluded

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 9,986. There were 44 informal votes and 821 blank votes.

Councillor preliminary result

Fifteen councillors elected from 27 candidates.




Utikere, Tangi   Elected
Findlay, Lew Independent Elected
Barrett, Brent Green  Elected
Bowen, Rachel Independent Elected
Naylor, Karen   Elected
Dennison, Vaughan   Elected
Baty, Susan   Elected
Handcock, Patrick (Pat)   Elected
Rutherford, Aleisha   Elected
Hapeta, Leonie Independent Elected
Johnson, Lorna Labour Elected
Meehan, Billy   Elected
Petrenas, Bruno   Elected
Dingwall, Renee Green Elected
Butt, Zulfiqar Labour Elected
Asquith, Andy Independent Labour Group Excluded
O’Fee, Marty   Excluded
McCann, Duncan Independent Excluded
Lockwood, Latham Independent Excluded
Kikhounga-N’Got, P. Hussein   Excluded
Byrnes, Nick   Excluded
Rahim, Atif Free Hearing Aids Campaign Excluded
Butler, Mel Vote For Mel, She’ll Serve You Well Excluded
Lane, David Independent Excluded
Te Papa, Nola   Excluded
Wilson, Nathan   Excluded
Dianu, Iulian Have A Voice Excluded

The final results will be available late next week to officially confirm the appointments.