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Palmerston North will be showcased in Japan during the Rugby World Cup

Wednesday September 4 2019

The New Zealand Rugby Museum based in Palmerston North has been invited to stage an exhibition in a shopping mall event space in Toyota City, Japan during the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Toyota City is hosting four World Cup games and rugby fans from around the world are expected to visit.

Palmerston North City Council has collaborated with the New Zealand Rugby Museum to support their exhibition and to also take the opportunity to showcase Palmerston North to Japan and World Cup visitors.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the city to showcase itself as a great place for international companies to do business, for international students to study, and that we’re a safe and welcoming community to everyone,” says Sacha Haskell, PNCC General Manager Marketing & Communications. “With the Rugby Museum and Powa Products (who supply rugby training products to the tournament and around the world) located in Palmerston North, the city’s love of rugby will also resonate with rugby fans.”

The exhibition runs from 20 September to 12 October 10 (23 days) in a shared space alongside a display curated by the Italian Rugby Museum.

Council and the New Zealand Rugby Museum have worked closely together to provide resources required for the exhibition. These include videos made in-house that will be viewed with touch screens and Japanese subtitles.

The exhibition will also include static panels and digital design.

“Another great benefit of this exhibition is that the New Zealand Rugby Museum will retain ownership of all the exhibition collateral so it can be used again.”

The interactive exhibition showcase will include a visual tour of:

  • the New Zealand Rugby Museum
  • Māori and iwi tribal welcome
  • Palmerston North
  • education opportunities
  • large businesses such as Powa Products and Toyota NZ promoting why they like doing business in Palmerston North.

All exhibition production costs are being funded by Toyota City and its agency via the Japan Tourism Bureau, as well as travel and accommodation.

Council will also be sharing the videos with other Palmerston North-based organisations for their use in promoting the city, and they will be shared with the public during the World Cup via social media.

Ms Haskell has previously worked for the New Zealand Rugby Union and has been a local organising committee executive for the FIFA U20 World Cup, an international football tournament held in New Zealand.