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PNCC Mayor and Chief Executive take pay cuts

Sunday April 19 2020

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith has announced that he and City Council Chief Executive Heather Shotter will be taking voluntary pay cuts in line with similar action taken by Cabinet ministers and other local authority leaders around the country.

Both have volunteered immediate cuts of 20 per cent over the next six months.

“We have seen first-hand from our hard-working Emergency Operations Centre teams that some in our community have been struggling, and we know the impacts the pandemic has had on many local business owners and their staff,” says Mayor Smith.

“As Mayor, I believe it’s the right decision for me to make as we focus on the city’s recovery, re-stimulating our economy and finding new opportunities for growth in the months and years ahead. However, I have no expectations of my other City Councillors in volunteering cuts.”

Heather Shotter said her decision was also a personal one, but as the Chief Executive she felt it was an appropriate leadership commitment in the circumstances.

“Like the Mayor, I have no expectation that other Council employees will volunteer similar reductions, she said.

“Since before the 26 March lockdown our Council team has been working at 110 per cent to support our community. We’ve asked them to contribute so much already, and their dedication and commitment has been outstanding.

“With the shift now into city and Council recovery, I know they’ll be continuing to give their all for the Palmerston North community and the region.”