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Residents asked to urgently conserve water | Essential water use only

Friday September 25 2020

All Palmerston North residents and businesses are being asked to urgently conserve water for the next 24 hours.

Urgent repairs are underway to our main water pipe, which burst this morning. As a consequence the Council can’t get water from our dam to our homes and businesses, and is relying solely on reservoirs and bores to provide the water supply.

This means water supplies are limited throughout the city.

"We are asking all residents to avoid unnecessary use of water," says Heather Shotter, PNCC Chief Executive.

Water should only be used for drinking, cooking and hygiene

Residents are asked to avoid showers and baths, running washing machines and dishwashers, and using garden hoses and sprinklers.

We’re hopeful the repairs can be completed overnight or early tomorrow.

We’ll be investigating what caused the unexpected burst to reduce the chance of it happening again.

A major construction project is already underway for a second main water pipe to build the resilience of our network.

We thank our residents for your patience during this time and will keep you informed.