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Thirty-nine organisations have funding confirmed

Friday March 1 2019

Council has announced the names of 39 organisations as first recipients of Strategic Priority Grants. The grants provide multi-year funding for community-led projects and activities. It replaces the former Fee for Service contracting programme.

The value of the grants is $3.9 million over three years. Funding agreements will start on 1 July 2019.

“We’re delighted with the calibre of applicants, the quality of applications and the level of services and projects they’re delivering to our community,” says Debbie Duncan, PNCC General Manager – Community. “The grants will allow these organisations to continue to develop their good work and help our community lead the way in making our city exciting, connected and safe.

“While we cannot accommodate funding for all the applicants, we can give an assurance the process undertaken to determine the allocation of funding was robust and fair.”

Seventy-five applications were received requesting a total value of $10.5 million over three years. Applications were open to not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that have a social, cultural or environmental mission.

“The grants are designed to support local organisations whose outcomes directly contribute to achieving Council’s vision. Priority was given to those aligning with our goals of a creative and exciting city, a connected and safe community, and an eco-city.

“Council recognises the huge role the sector plays in the city. Palmerston North City Council offers one of the highest dollar values per New Zealand ratepayer for community grants for organisations involved in the arts, environmental, social and cultural activities.

“As local ratepayers are funding the grants, it was important the applicants’ proposals clearly demonstrated how they could deliver outcomes and benefits to people within the city, through contributing to Council’s priorities.

“We acknowledge unsuccessful applicants will be disappointed and perhaps financially affected. However, we will continue to work closely with them, providing advice and access to information on other support available.

“Some unsuccessful applicants will continue to receive Council support in other ways such as reduced rental and other funding, and this was taken into consideration to ensure the outcome was fair to everyone and gave the best value to our community and ratepayers.”