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Work occurring on critical water infrastructure

Tuesday December 3 2019

Palmerston North City Council is warning residents there's a small chance you may wake up to cloudy or discoloured water on Thursday morning.

We to do some maintenance on a major part of the city’s water infrastructure overnight on Wednesday.

The work, which centres around controlling water pressure, involves us disconnecting the supply from the Turitea Dam to the city,and supplying all of the city’s water from bores.

This operation does not affect the water supply in Kelvin Grove, Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, or Longburn.

Council’s Water Operations Manager Mike Monaghan says that when the water supply is returned to its normal combination of dam and bore water, there is a small chance that water may be discoloured, and water may be cloudy from air in the water pipes.

“We want to warn people that this is a possibility, so they aren’t shocked in the morning. The water is safe to drink, and if it is cloudy or discoloured running a cold tap for 20 minutes should fix those problems.”

He says if water continues to be discoloured, Council can flush residents' pipes.

Mr Monaghan is recommending people don’t put loads of washing on overnight, as discoloured water could stain clothes.

He says the work will start about 9.30pm on Wednesday night, after peak demand, and should be complete around 6am.

“We’re proud to be supplying some of the country’s best drinking water. Regular maintenance like this means we can continue to do so.”

Two-thirds of the city’s water supply comes from Turitea Dam, with the remainder coming from bores around the city.

What do I do if my water is discoloured?

When we do some maintenance work it can cause water to be discoloured. Generally, this is because we’ve had to switch off water supply from a pipe while we do the work. When water again begins flowing through the pipe it can cause any settled sediment to move.

If you find your water isn’t clear, run your cold tap for 20 minutes. If the water isn’t clear in that time, then please call us on 06 356 8199 and we’ll flush the pipes near your home.

The discoloured water may stain clothes, so we advise postponing doing the laundry until the water is clear again.

Can I still use water while this work is happening?

Yes. The maintenance work is focused around water pressure from our supply from the Turitea Dam. When the work is happening, the city will be supplied from bores, instead of a combination of bores and the dam.

Why would I get cloudy water?

When we switch the water supply back to being a combination of water from the Dam and bores, it can cause trapped air to move down the pipes. This is unlikely, but your tap may make a spluttering noise when you first turn it on, or you might get cloudy water. It will pass quickly and is safe to drink.

What kind of maintenance work are you doing?

We’re constantly doing maintenance on our water pipes and machinery to ensure they remain in good condition. This work takes place at a pressure station and will ensure that water pressure in the city remains at safe levels.