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10-Year Plan open for submissions

Thursday April 15 2021

We’re asking people in Palmerston North and surrounding districts to have their say about what really matters for our city as part of our 10-Year Plan process.

Photo shows a Māori woman with three young children sitting on their front porch and laughing up at the camera.

He aha rā ngā whainga matua? What really matters?

Every three years, the Palmerston North City Council decides what we want to achieve over the next decade.

We have to weigh up priorities and make some hard decisions, as everyone in our community will be affected by what we decide.

We want to hear what you think of our ideas to achieve our city vision: He iti rā, he iti pounamu. Small city benefits, big city ambition. 

There are specific targets for each of the goals we’ve set towards realising our vision.

  • Goal 1: An innovative and growing city – our target is 12,000 more jobs in the city by 2031. 
  • Goal 2: A creative and exciting city – our target is for Palmy to score above 65 on the Creative Cities Index (we're at 55).
  • Goal 3: A connected and safe community – our target is for 75 per cent of people to consider Palmy to be a welcoming and inclusive city with a good standard of living.
  • Goal 4: An eco city – our target is for a 30 per cent citywide reduction in emissions by 2031 (compared with the 2018 baseline).

Our challenges 

We’ll keep making progress, but there are some big challenges ahead. This 10-Year Plan is our tool for thinking about how we address these challenges. They include maintaining our assets and services, Nature Calls wastewater management, water reform, climate change, and earthquake-prone buildings.

It’s about prudently investing for our future and future generations. So that’s why we’re asking “He aha rā ngā whāinga matua? What really matters?” to you, your family, your business or organisation during the 10-Year Plan consultation, running from 14 April to 14 May 2021.

We encourage you to read our consultation document. It summarises: 

  • What the Council wants to achieve  
  • What’s happening now 
  • What we’re proposing to get there

Mayor Grant Smith says the 10-Year Plan contains a lot of information about what the city can achieve in the next decade. “I urge residents, businesses and others to tell us if we have it right.”

Chief Executive Heather Shotter says the challenges to meet Palmy’s growth expectation can be met sustainably. “Yet we’d really like people in Palmy to give us feedback on the options proposed to meet these challenges, as we continue to grow.”

You can make a submission online through our website, or hard copies are available from any of our libraries or the customer service centre on Te Marae o Hine The Square. Make sure you drop it off to us by 14 May 2020. 

Our website also has information to help you learn more about the 10-Year Plan, what is proposed, and how you can tell us “Ngā whāinga matua. What Really Matters”. 

There will also be public information sessions .