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A to Z of He Ara Kotahi

Tuesday August 20 2019

We’ve got the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about Palmy’s newest shared path.


There are bins available at both ends of He Ara Kotahi Bridge. We’re looking at putting one in at Linton but must ensure it is easy enough for our collectors to access. We can’t put bins along the track as our trucks will not be able to empty them. Please be a tidy Kiwi and hold on to your poo bags and other rubbish until you can find a bin.


Photo shows couple walking a dog on a leash along a limestone path bordered by mature trees.

Dogs must be on leash on all of He Ara Kotahi pathway and He Ara Kotahi Bridge.

Please pick up your dog’s poop along the track. We can’t put a bin along the track but are looking at putting one in near Linton. We know carrying poo isn’t nice, but it’s also not a great experience for whoever stands on it!


No horses on the bridges please. He Ara Kotahi is very popular with children and dog owners and the last thing we want is anyone getting hurt if a horse gets startled. Please take your horse to our bridle track or other paths.


We are currently designing lighting for the pathway to Massey University. There is also more lighting on the bridge coming in spring.


A small carpark is available at the Esplanade side of the main bridge. You can park on Bells Road or other nearby streets at Linton.


We need to be careful about what we install along the river, because it’s a floodplain. While we won’t have traditional seating like you might see in our parks, we’ll be putting some logs and other natural seating options along the track in summer.


Slips will be common over the first year along the pathway, especially over this first winter and until the plants that have been put in start to form deeper roots. We’re keeping a close eye on any slips and clearing them quickly. If you see one, let us know and we will get to it as soon as possible. 

Photo shows father and daughter walking across a wooden footbridge bridge spanning a rural road.

As for the other kind of slips, we’ve finished installing anti-slip mats on the bridges to keep everyone safer in wet weather.

Slow down and share with care

A lot of bike riders and walkers have asked us to have separate lanes for each user group. Please be mindful of the space you’re taking up, and the speed you’re travelling. The pathway is very popular and we want to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable on the track. Pedestrians often can't hear cyclists approaching, especially from behind or to the side. Call out politely or use a bell if you have one.


We’re installing a toilet on the Esplanade side of the bridge in the next couple of months, and investigating a site for a toilet at the Linton end.

Water fountains

The water fountain on the Esplanade side of the bridge will be turned on once plumbing for the toilet has been installed. We’ll also look at putting one at the Linton end when we find a suitable toilet location.