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Animal Control start summer patrol

Tuesday December 19 2017

Palmerston North City Council Animal Control Officers are now patrolling popular walkways, parks and sports fields to talk with dog owners through to March 2018.

Photo shows dog in shallow river with a stick in its mouth.

Officers will have an educative approach to ensure dog owners are up-to-date with information about registrations and other information relating to dog ownership.

Dog owners found without current dog registrations will be issued a seven day card to register their dog. If this is not followed through, an infringement notice is issued which carries a $300 fine.

“Most dog owners know where they can and can’t walk their dogs and that they need to clean up after them,” says Graeme Gillespie, PNCC Head of Environmental Protection Services. “For those who aren’t aware of registration or exercise rules, officers can give some guidance.”

Dogs must be exercised on a lead unless they’re in a designated dog exercise area. Officers will also be on the look-out for off-leash dogs and owners not carrying a lead.

Finding the right balance for dogs and people will be considered during a city-wide Dog Control Policy review and public consultation planned for early next year.

“We are seeing more dog owners walking their pets in the central business district who are unaware of the current rules that don’t allow for dogs in the area. Through the review, we will seek feedback on what people think is reasonable.”