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Appeals period opens for city’s provisional local alcohol policy

Thursday May 27 2021

Today marks the start of a formal 30-day appeals period following the public notification of the adoption of Palmerston North's provisional local alcohol policy.

“Following extensive consultation over several years and three draft policies, the Council adopted the provisional local alcohol policy on 28 April,” says David Murphy, PNCC Acting General Manager Strategy and Planning.

“Those who submitted on the draft policy have been notified of the provisional policy, along with almost 500 people and organisations who expressed interest in the Council’s alcohol policy over the course of its development.”

The appeals period is open for 30 days from Thursday 27 May.

The only grounds on which the provisional policy can be appealed is that the policy is unreasonable in light of the object of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. With the exception of the Police and the Medical Officer of Health, only those who submitted on the draft policy are able to appeal.

The provisional policy sets out changes to the maximum trading hours for on-licensed premises (such as bars, taverns, night clubs, cafes, restaurants, theatres and function centres), off-licensed premises (such as bottle stores, supermarkets and grocery stores), and club licensed premises (such as sports clubs and RSAs). The latest that bars will be able to trade is 2am, with function centres closing by 1am and all other on-licensed premises (along with sports clubs and RSAs) closing by 12 midnight. Bottle stores, grocery stores and supermarkets would close by 9pm under the provisional policy.

The policy is not in effect yet, and won’t come into effect until the appeals have been dealt with by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority.

Appeals are made directly to the authority.