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Ashhurst’s water pipes about to be flushed with new technology

Friday February 16 2018

Ashhurst residents are being advised of short-term disruptions to their water supply while the village water pipes are flushed. Over a two-week period starting Wednesday 21 February, residents may experience a period of between 20 to 40 minutes when their water supply is shutdown.

Photo shows a man flushing water pipes.

A new system called No-Des is to be used for the Ashhurst flushing. Download the flyer below for more information about what flushing means for you.

"Flushing is carried out to minimise the chances of residents receiving discoloured water throughout the year," Hamish Harding, Senior Project Engineer says. "While water sits in the pipes, sediment can build-up inside them and may discolour the water when it is stirred up. The flushing process aims to get rid of these sediments from the pipes."

During the flushing, residents are advised there is a small chance of discoloured water getting into the network.

"If anyone gets discoloured water, they need to run their front outside tap for 10 minutes until the water is clear," says Mr Harding. "If it does not become clear after 10 minutes, we ask they call us on 06 356 8199."

A new system called No-Des is to be used for the Ashhurst flushing.

"No-Des avoids water being discharged onto the street," says Mr Harding. "The system saves water by creating a temporary above-ground loop through which the water is cleaned, circulated then returned to the pipes. The machine creates high velocity water between fire hydrants through a robust filtration and disinfection process before the water return to the pipes. It causes much less disruption to households and we are not wasting water while we have water restrictions in place."

Residents will be receiving a notice about the flushing, and will be advised when they may expect a short period of a water shutdown.

The notice can also be downloaded below.