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Burst pipe causes water outage in Ashhurst: Residents asked to conserve water

Tuesday October 9 2018

Palmerston North City Council advises Ashhurst residents they may experience a short term loss of water supply and/or discoloured water today following a major mains break early Monday evening.

Staff located the leak just after midnight after an extensive search through the evening. Repairs have been underway all night.

We aim to begin pumping to refill the reservoir by 8am. Until it is filled, Council requests Ashhurst residents actively conserve water.

The break coincided with routine cleaning of one of the reservoirs so stored water levels were lower than normal.

Residents are asked to restrict water use to essential uses only to enable stored water levels in the reservoirs to recover. Operations staff from Council will be proactively flushing parts of the network to address any particular discoloured issues.

Council has approved funding this financial year to renew the section of the main which burst. Work is due to start early in 2019.

Council apologises for the inconvenience and asks for residents' understanding as staff seek to restore normal services.


There have been further delays in restoring water to the Ashhurst reservoir. Repairs to the pipe are continuing and taking longer than expected. We hope to restore the water supply later today.

We appreciate residents' patience and continue to ask people to conserve water for the rest of the day, once the supply returns.