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Broadway Ave undergoing transformation

Monday February 27 2017

Palmerston North City Council is investing in a comprehensive lighting plan for Broadway Ave to support the street’s growth as a dinner and show precinct.

Extending to Regent Arcade and Berrymans Lane, the new lighting will bring the area to life at night and make it safer for pedestrians to use the laneways.

Budget has also been set aside for additional landscaping, seating, parklets and hanging baskets.

“Spending in Broadway’s cafes, bars and restaurants has gone up 200 percent since 2009 and we want to support the growth of a lively, vibrant space for casual dining and social interaction,” says Planner Keegan Aplin-Thane.
“There’s real potential to bring the precinct into its own in the evening, and our lighting plan will include light blocks set into the pavement, and wall lighting in the laneways to promote local street art.”

Berrymans Lane is well used in the early evenings with up to 25 people passing through every half an hour. But after 9pm people stop using it because they don’t feel safe.

“The laneways are really important for the vibrancy of the whole area, and we want to create intimate, well-lit spaces where people can enjoy our bars, restaurants and street art - and feel safe at the same time.”

Additional planting and seating will also enhance Broadway as a place for dining and socialising.

“If budget allows, we’ll be looking at putting in some hanging baskets, planter boxes and new outdoor seating. We also want to encourage and support more parklets, as the existing ones in George Street and outside The Coffee Club have been hugely successful.”

The enhancements to Broadway come ahead of the City Centre Streetscape Plan - Council’s masterplan for the central city that emphasises pedestrian friendly public spaces, cultivating a lively economy after 5pm, and attracting more private investment in the city centre.

The plan aims to reinforce the city centre as a destination for locals and visitors by celebrating the character of the area, increasing accessibility and connectivity, and creating vibrant and distinctive places for people.