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Interim results of city by-election for new Councillor

Wednesday February 17 2021

Voting for the Palmerston North City Council’s by-election closed at midday today.

15,324 votes have been received and counted. As at 2pm, the progress results are:


Orphee Mickalad, Independent


  • William Wood
  • Darroch Ball
  • James Candish
  • Stefan Speller, Independent
  • Sarah Spillane, Independent
  • Vanessa Rozenberg, Green Party
  • Andy Asquith, Independent Labour Group
  • Nikita Skipper, Independent
  • Nathan Wilson
  • Ross Barber

Candidates have been advised of the progress results today. We expect the final count and declaration of the results will be available by close of business on Friday 19 February.

“While we can’t yet congratulate the new Councillor until the final result is declared, we’d like to congratulate all the candidates for standing in the by-election and encourage them to stand again in the future,” says Deputy Electoral Officer Hannah White.

“The voter return of 25.06% for the by-election reflects a different level of interest than the full local body election for Mayor and Councillors in 2019. We anticipated a lesser turn out as it was a by-election, but had been hoping for more.

“However, we still had more than 15,000 people cast their vote during a time when people are busy enjoying summer and public holidays, and other activities at this time of year. We want to thank everyone who did cast their vote and made their voice heard.”

Mayor Grant Smith said: “Having 11 candidates who wanted to represent their community is a fantastic indication of the level of interest in local government. It was pleasing to note that five of the candidates were 30 years of age or under. I look forward to welcoming the new Councillor and having them join us as soon as the final outcome is declared.”

The successful candidate will commence their role immediately after the declaration is made and will be welcomed to the Council table on 3 March.

The by-election was required to fill a vacancy due to the resignation of Tangi Utikere after he was elected as MP for Palmerston North in the October General Election.