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Cats are hottest topic in bylaw review

Thursday January 18 2018

The subject of microchipping and de-sexing cats attracted the most submissions for Palmerston North City Council’s Draft Animals and Bees Bylaw Review. Council received 56 submissions in total – the majority relating to the proposed rules around cats.

Photo shows five tabby kittens on grass.

Cats dominated responses to Council's review of the city's rules for keeping animals.

PNCC Policy Analyst Ann-Marie Mori says: “Over two-thirds of the submissions related to cats, particularly in the area of introducing mandatory de-sexing and microchipping. The submissions received showed strong support for mandatory de-sexing and a high level of support for microchipping. We also received a mixed response to proposing all urban properties, regardless of size, would require a permit for more than three cats.”

The submissions also included a number of suggestions relating to cat curfews and containment, which will be presented to Council to consider.

Nine submissions were received about roosters, with the draft bylaw proposing a new rule allowing people to keep roosters in Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn, or with a permit in the city.

Bees and beehives on properties attracted eight submissions, some suggesting they should require a permit, or questioning whether they should be allowed in urban areas.

“Overall we have received good quality and comprehensive submissions raising some valid points and issues. We predicted issues around cats would generate a high level of feedback.

“We also have taken note of the large number of comments and feedback posted on our social media sites.”

A hearing for the submissions is planned for March and the new bylaw is expected to be adopted in May.

Consultation on Council’s Dog Control Policy opens on 27 January.