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CBD has gone to the dogs

Tuesday September 24 2019

A successful trial and positive feedback have ensured Palmy dogs have a new fur-ever home in the central business district.

Photo shows two professional dog walkers taking a pack of dogs on leads through the Square.

Dogs can now be walked on-leash in the CBD.

Council voted on 23 September to amend the Dog Control Policy and adopt the bylaw to make the change official.

The changes mean that the CBD will now be included as on-leash area of control and removed from being a prohibited public place for dogs.

The new-found freedom also extends to allow dogs to attend CBD events, unless under a temporary ‘prohibited public place’ status.

Animal Management and Education Team Leader, Herb Verstegen encouraged residents to enjoy having their dogs in the CBD but asked owners to be conscious of busy areas.

“We hope by opening up the CBD to dogs that it will motivate people to spend more time enjoying this part of the city.

“We encourage people to mindful that the CBD can get busy and to be conscious of both people and dogs, so everyone can enjoy our city spaces.”

Top tips for dogs in the CBD

  • Dogs must always be on-leash and accompanied by an owner
  • Exercise good judgement when bringing your dog into the CBD, busy areas and events may not always be the best places for our furry friends
  • Please, please, please pick up any dog waste!
  • Bring poo bags, water and anything else your dog might need for a day out
  • Avoid using extendable leads as it's easier to control your dog on a short lead in a busy and stimulating environment