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Central city wall becomes a canvas for ‘We Are All Artists’ mural

Wednesday September 12 2018

A pioneering black and white temporary artwork is currently on show on the car park wall of UCOL’s Hospitality Block 9 between Queen and Grey Street.

Photo shows Palmy artist Keli Jarvis pasting printed sheets of paper on a wall to make a mural.

Local artist Keli Jarvis pasting up Palmy's newest outdoor artwork.

The large-scale ‘We Are All Artists’ paste-up, a pilot project involving Palmerston North City Council, UCOL, and artists from the NOA Open Studio at Te Manawa, was pasted-up on Saturday 8 September.

In te reo, NOA signifies “an area without restriction, free and open to all”, while in English it is an acronym for Notes of Art.

Debbie Duncan, Palmerston North City Council General Manager Community, says NOA artists wanted an open space to exhibit their work and the car park partnership provided the ideal opportunity.

With assistance from Council staff and Te Manawa’s Mirjam DeOude, the artwork was pasted-up under the direction of professional street artist Keli Jarvis.

A time-lapse video of its installation was also made.

“The large-scale artwork does more than transform and revitalise a public space. ‘We Are All Artists’ contains the message that everyone has the capability of self-expression through art, and anyone has it in them to be an artist.”

The NOA artists spent the previous months creating the works, each interpreting a chosen letter from the “We Are All Artists” phrase, and applying their unique style and medium preferences.

For the paste-up, the original coloured artworks were scanned in black and white and enlarged. The installed artwork will be left to deteriorate in the weather over the next four weeks.

Its temporary nature is deliberate. The experimental low-cost low-risk paste-up method was chosen because as well as trialling a different approach to local street art, it was easy to put together, and quick to install.

The official opening of Te Manawa’s ‘We Are All Artists’ exhibition featuring the original NOA artworks, will take place in the Queen Street car park at 1pm on Thursday 13 September. Its display in Te Manawa’s atrium will run for three weeks.

Photo shows mural made up of pasted pictures that spell out "We are all artists".

'We Are All Artists’ paste-up mural on the wall of the Queen Street car park. This artwork is co-created by local artists from Strive, Creative Journeys, Awatapu College, Freyberg High School and NOA. The original artworks will be on display at Te Manawa from Thursday 13 September for two weeks.