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Changes considered to city centre waste collection

Thursday November 25 2021

Palmerston North City Council is working on changes to kerbside rubbish and recycling in the city centre, to ensure the heart of our city is attractive and litter free.

Currently we collect rubbish and recycling from businesses and inner-city residents on a Monday, but we’re considering a change to a Wednesday.

Water and Waste Manager, Mike Monaghan, says this is for a couple of key reasons.

“We’re seeing rubbish bags and recycling out on our city centre streets as early as Friday, which isn’t an attractive look during the busy weekend period. During this time, strong winds are blowing over bags and bins causing a litter problem, and the cardboard is getting wet which makes it harder to recycle.”

Mr Monaghan says Council is considering changing the day to Wednesday, and wants city centre residents and businesses to give feedback by 17 December at

We’ll consider all the feedback we receive before making any change to our bylaw, which we expect will be after summer. Before any changes are made, we’ll give residents and businesses plenty of notice.

The change would only affect Council’s kerbside rubbish and recycling in the city centre collection area, shown on the map below. It would not affect Council’s commercial recycling services, which are more frequent, or private waste or recycling services.

A map of Palmerston North CBD recycle collection area

Collection area impacted by the potential change in recycling day.

All recycling must be contained by 1 January 2022

From 1 January 2022, we will no longer be collecting cardboard which isn’t contained in an orange-lid recycling wheelie bin.

Within the city centre, for businesses and inner-city residents, we have collected the additional cardboard put out for collection alongside the usual kerbside recycling collection. However, with significant increases in the volume of this additional cardboard, we will no longer be collecting cardboard which isn’t contained in an orange-lid recycling wheelie bin.

Most people put their cardboard in their orange-lid recycling wheelie bin, and if you do that, then there’ll be no change for you.

The amount of city centre cardboard has been growing annually and this has resulted in added work and costs for Council. We’re also concerned about the cardboard getting wet which makes it harder to recycle, and it’s getting caught in the wind and becoming litter.

Mr Monaghan says this extra cardboard increases the cost of the kerbside collection for everyone.

“Our kerbside collection service is based on collecting the contents of the wheelie bin. When people put out additional cardboard for collection, this adds to the cost. Rather than increase costs for everyone, we’ve decided to collect only what is in the wheelie bin, in line with the terms and conditions in our bylaw.”

This means city centre residents and businesses will need to use their kerbside orange-lid wheelie bin or pay for a commercial recycling service for their cardboard.

A range of private waste companies, and our council, offer commercial recycling services to businesses.