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Changes to Taonui-Walding intersection from Tuesday

Friday October 25 2019

We’re making changes to a key city centre intersection to make it safer for all road users.

Photo shows Google Streetmaps view of the intersection of Taonui and Walding Streets.

From Tuesday, motorists on Taonui won't be able to cross Walding, or turn right. You will still be able to turn left into Walding.

Between 2009 and 2018, 48 crashes have occurred at this intersection, sadly including a fatality.

Most of these crashes have been due to motorists crossing Walding Street. For these reasons, it has been identified by Council as an intersection that needs to be urgently addressed.

From Tuesday 29 October, motorists travelling on Taonui Street will no longer be able to drive across Walding Street, or turn right. They will however still be able to turn left. These changes mean the intersection will now be controlled by Give Way signs rather than Stop signs.

Motorists travelling on Walding Street will still be able to turn right into Taonui Street. The kerbs at the intersection will also be widened to make the entrance into Taonui Street narrower, forcing motorists to slow down. The pedestrian crossing locations on Taonui Street will be widened so people can safely wait for traffic to pass before crossing.

Palmerston North City Council Chief Infrastructure Officer, Tom Williams, says safety is the driving force for these changes.

“We know this intersection is used by motorists looking to cross town more quickly and these changes will remove this option. However safety is our top priority and we believe these changes will make this intersection much safer for all road users.”

He says council will keep a close eye on any changes to traffic as a result of this change.