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Changes to Taonui-Walding intersection

Wednesday December 18 2019

Council is urging drivers to help keep the city safe and observe the new traffic flow at the intersection of Taonui and Walding Streets.

Photo shows Google Streetmaps view of the intersection of Taonui and Walding Streets.

Motorists on Taonui can no longer cross Walding, or turn right. You can still turn left into Walding.

Council made the changes at the end of October 2019 to make it safer for all road users. Between 2009 and 2018, 48 crashes have occurred at this intersection, sadly including a fatality.

Most of the crashes were due to motorists crossing Walding Street. 

Since Tuesday 29 October, motorists travelling on Taonui Street can no longer drive across Walding Street, or turn right. They are still able to turn left. Motorists travelling on Walding Street are still able to turn right into Taonui Street.

These changes mean the intersection is now controlled by Give Way signs rather than Stop signs.

Despite the changes to the road, a number of people are continuing to make risky manoeuvres to cross or turn right.

As a result, we've now added flexi posts and will be putting up more signs.

These changes were made for safety because of the large number of crashes. Ignoring the signs and layout is a breach of road rules and you could be fined or charged by Police.

We know it's a busy time out there – but shaving an extra 30 seconds off your drive is not worth the risk. We all want our family and friends to be safe, so please think of them when you're behind the wheel.

Council will continue to keep a close eye on any changes to traffic as a result of this change.

We had planned to widen the pedestrian island and kerbs to narrow the entrance into Taonui Street, forcing motorists to slow down. However we're unable to do this as trucks still need to be able to use the area.