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Child car seat recycling programme introduced to Palmerston North

Thursday December 14 2017

Did you know that more than 40,000 child care seats expire each year in New Zealand? Child car seats have a limited lifespan of six to 10 years. Together these factors contribute to a growing disposal problem.

Photo shows two people at the recycling centre holding a child's car seat.

Councillor Rachel Bowen hands over an expired child car seat to the recycling cnetre's Wayne Woods.

Nationwide recycling programme SeatSmart is coming to the Ferguson Street Recycling Centre under a one-year trial, launching on Saturday 13 January 2018. From that date, you'll be able to drop-off expired or damaged child car seats at the Recycling Centre for a subsidised cost of $5.

The SeatSmart product stewardship programme aims to divert child car seats from landfill, raise awareness around car seat expiry dates, and improve road safety for Kiwi kids.

“Child car seats are bulky and not easily compactable,” says Samantha Battman, PNCC Behavior Change & Education Coordinator. “Approximately 90 per cent of their components are recyclable.”

SeatSmart works with the Department of Corrections to dismantle the seats as part of its community work programme, which provides opportunities for offenders to make amends while learning new skills and work habits.

The recycling initiative contributes to Council's goal to promote more sustainable waste management practices, making the city a healthier, greener place to live.

Council will review the programme after one year.