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City Ambassadors to be CBD hosts over summer

Tuesday October 24 2017

Palmerston North City Council has approved the presence of City Ambassadors in the city's central business district this summer.

A three-month trial will start over the summer holiday period, modelled on successful programmes in Hamilton, Hastings and Wellington.

City Ambassadors will provide information and directions, and make people feel more comfortable when they are out enjoying the city centre.

The Palmerston North Safety Advisory Board supports the initiative as one part of a solution to address antisocial behaviour in the CBD, particularly during school holidays. 

“The ambassador’s role is not as a security presence, but as a host and ambassador for Palmerston North,” says Ian Littleworth, PNCC Community Engagement Manager.

“Their objective is to help increase visitor satisfaction, promote the CBD and city and assist with community safety. They will make people feel more comfortable when they are enjoying the CBD and will act as ‘eyes and ears’ for antisocial activity, and will report it to Police for action.”

More information on the trial will be available once an agreement has been reached with a service provider. It is anticipated that the trial will commence in early December.