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Committee recommends bringing the management of Caccia Birch House into the Council

Thursday May 6 2021

Palmerston North City Council’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee has voted to recommend to Council that the day-to-day management of Caccia Birch House, its grounds and coach house be brought into Council by July 2022.

Photo shows historic Caccia Birch homestead with its manicured grounds and the lagoon in the background.

If Council agrees to this recommendation, Caccia Birch House would continue to be a Council-owned venue available for public and private functions and casual access, while retaining the heritage of the property for future generations.

The decision was made following a review under Section 17A of the Local Government Act 2002 was undertaken and reported to the committee in November 2020, and the consideration of submissions in April 2021 following a public consultation.

The purpose of the Section 17A review was to determine the most efficient, effective and appropriate means for delivering a Council service. The review considered the day-to-day management of Caccia Birch House, the preservation of the property’s heritage value, the promotion of public access, and its financial sustainability.

Caccia Birch Trust Board has operated the property as a Council-Controlled Organisation since 1989. Board members are appointed by Council and have been provided with an annual operating grant.

The committee members acknowledged the work of the board and management and note the significant contribution the trust has made to the city’s heritage over several decades. They want the community and board members to continue to work with Council to ensure Caccia Birch House remains a valued part of the Palmerston North community.

The full report to the committee can be read in the meeting’s agenda. The recommendation will be considered when Council meets on Wednesday 2 June.