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Coping with stray cats

Friday January 25 2019

Cat breeding season is in full swing now which often sees an increase in stray cats. Our environmental protection team has some tips if you find a stray this year, and how to stop it visiting your house.

Photo shows cat sitting on rubbish-covered concrete at the recycling centre.

Palmerston North SPCA has already reported a huge upsurge in unwanted cats over summer 2018-2019. There are also lots of stray cats and kittens around the city.

If you find a stray cat

  • Don’t feed it, it will become a frequent visitor
  • Ask your neighbours if they know whose cat it is
  • Put a notice up at the local vet or supermarket
  • Call the SPCA
  • Advertise it as a found cat on Facebook, Pets on the Net or Trade Me

How to stop a stray staying at your house

  • Sprinkle crushed eggshells, chilli or pepper flakes, citrus peels, tea leaves, coffee grounds around your vege and flower gardens
  • Consider planting garlic, geranium, rue, lemon thyme and cactus in your gardens as they don’t like digging there. Don’t plant catnip. Cats love it!
  • Sprinkle pinecones around where they are toileting. You can also mix up a bottle of half white vinegar and half water to spray on the area
  • Fill some ribbed water bottles and place them around toileting areas – they don’t like the reflective light so will avoid those spots 
  • Head to your local pet or hardware shop and get some repellent products