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Council planning to flush Ashhurst pipes

Monday August 26 2019

We’re doing a major flush of water pipes in Ashhurst this week.

Photo shows tap with water running into a sink.

We increase the water pressure to flush the pipes.

We are hoping to start on Wednesday 28 August and it will take about six days to do the whole village.

Residents and businesses may notice a difference in their water pressure over the week.

There is a small chance that water may be discoloured. If it is then please run your cold tap for 20 minutes.

What to do if your water is discoloured

One of the potential side effects of flushing the pipes is that it can cause the water to discolour for a brief period. That’s caused by the sediment in the pipes being moved.

If you find your water isn’t clear after the pipes have been flushed, run your cold tap for 20 minutes. If the water isn’t clear in that time, then please call us on 06 356 8199 and we’ll flush the pipes near your home.

Can I still use water while the pipes are being flushed?

Yes, you can still use water while we flush the pipes. While you might notice a change in water pressure at times, the water is still able to be used

How are the pipes flushed?

We use valves along the pipe to change the water pressure. We increase the water pressure to flush the pipes.