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Council portfolio initiative expanded

Wednesday October 26 2016

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith says the highly successful councillor portfolio initiative will continue this term.

Mayor Smith introduced the portfolio system when he was elected last year.

“We needed a new system to improve our engagement with the community following the loss of wards prior to the 2013 local body election.

“The feedback from councillors during the previous term was really clear. The portfolios have worked well. Councillors have really come to grips with the issues in their specialist areas and they have developed expertise in their portfolios.

“This has meant they well informed when they meet with interest groups. Those groups also know who to go to when they have any suggestions or concerns.  

“As a result, we have identified and created new portfolios covering employment, cultural, digital, health, and neighbourhood engagement.

“Science and innovation is very important to our city so it has been added to the education portfolio,” he says.

Several portfolio responsibilities have been split including seniors and disability as well as housing and community services.

“This has created a greater breath of engagement and builds on what was established last term,” Mayor Smith says.