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Council proposes changes to IQP registration

Friday November 17 2017

Feedback is being sought from independent qualified persons (IQPs) about changes to their registration process with Palmerston North City and Manawatu District Councils.

“There have been concerns by IQPs about our current approach, and local incidents that have put building owners and public at risk from a health and safety perspective,” says Leigh Sage, PNCC Head of Building Services.

“We want to align IQP registration processes with national practices, and a key goal is to be clearer about registration requirements. The IQP registration and renewal fees are also being reviewed, and we expect them to be reduced. The proposed changes for PNCC and MDC are in line with what other councils are doing, so there is a more consistent national approach.”

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Assessing IQP competence in Building Act and Building Code knowledge
  • Assessments carried out on knowledge of legislative requirements
  • Ensuring IQPs hold qualifications relevant to their area of expertise
  • Referee requirements
  • Annual review to replace three-year renewal
  • Regular updating of qualifications and experience
  • Draft guidelines for IQP conduct and how Council will manage complaints

The revised approach will require all current IQPs to reapply for registration.

Palmerston North City Council is holding a workshop to discuss the proposed changes, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm on Wednesday 29 November.