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Council receives resource consent for James Line road widening and upgrade

Tuesday August 22 2017

A resource consent has been granted to Palmerston North City Council to upgrade and widen James Line. Construction tenders are to be called for, and planned subdivision developments can now go ahead.

Photo shows satellite map of James Line.

Improving the road will address safety concerns.

New housing growth in the Kelvin Grove and Whakarongo area means that James Line needs upgrading to meet standards for residential areas. The consent relates to the section of the road from the State Highway 3 intersection to the railway line.

The planned upgrade will include provision for two new intersections, one being a roundabout. A long planned connection to Rosalie Terrace will also be completed.

Roading Manager Jon Schwass welcomed the resource consent. "This allows Council to deliver a roading improvement that has long been sought by the community. It addresses the unsafe situation that exists for pedestrians in the area, and is an improvement that is well overdue."

Council applied for the resource consent in May 2016. Consent is needed because of the extent of planned earthworks and to allow stormwater to be discharged into a waterway – a small oxbow lagoon – considered a rare and threatened habitat. This will be planted and improved as part of planned subdivision works.

Horizons Regional Council issued the consent on 16 August this year. It applies to lengthening a culvert, clearing vegetation and land disturbance, and discharging stormwater. Conditions imposed require stormwater quality sampling to monitor the discharge into the wetland. It also requires periodic sediment and macroinvertebrate sampling by an ecologist. PNCC is also required to file a monitoring report to Horizons twice a year.