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Council to consult on priority-routes under new national earthquake-prone building system

Friday March 23 2018

As part of the new national earthquake-prone building system, each community is being asked to identify priority routes. These are busy roads or footpaths where falling masonry from buildings damaged in an earthquake would pose a high risk to life and public safety.

Photo shows an emergency crew inspecting a busy pedestrian mall in the aftermath of the Christchurch quakes.

An emergency management crew inspect a Christchurch Street for earthquake damage.

“We want to know which routes people think should be prioritised in Palmerston North. Consultation is taking place at the same time as the 10 Year Plan, as this is an important community decision.” Matthew Mackay, Council Planner says.

The draft proposal includes a number of streets within the central city which meet the criteria for priority routes. 

There are two criteria for identifying which roads, footpaths and other thoroughfares should be prioritised:

  • higher numbers of vehicles and pedestrians using the route
  • the risk of unreinforced masonry buildings falling in an earthquake

The draft proposal and submission form is available at:

Submissions close on 23 April, with hearings expected to be held in June.

As part of the new national earthquake-prone building system, Council is also working with building owners, tenants and the community to upgrade earthquake-prone buildings, retain buildings with heritage value, and ensure the city centre remains commercially viable.