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Creative Communities Scheme fund opens to support arts projects

Thursday July 29 2021

Palmerston North City Council is calling for applications for round 1 2021-22 Creative Communities Scheme funding, with interest to be shown by 30 August.

Photo shows teacher working with group of students.

Square Edge Community Arts Artistic Director Dr Karen Seccombe works with students to plan the Validate exhibition.

The Creative Communities Scheme is a partnership between Palmerston North City Council and Creative New Zealand to fund local arts projects.

The total fund pool for 2021-22 is $95,655, made up from a $33,599 Council contribution, and $62,056 from Creative NZ. Funds not allocated as part of round 1 funding will roll over to round 2, which will open early next year.

Council Arts Coordinator Gillian Tasker says the scheme’s support of art in the community contributes to the vibrancy and attractiveness of Palmerston North.

One such project to benefit from a previous Creative Communities Scheme funding round is the Manawatū Combined Secondary Art Schools Exhibition, coordinated by the Manawatū Art Teachers Association.

The exhibition, which uplifts the artistic aspirations of Palmy’s secondary school students, is to open at Square Edge on Friday 6 August and runs until Monday 6 September. It is the first such large-scale showing of collective local school talent and celebrates the diversity of our region, says association chairperson Donna Manley.

“The funding we received from the scheme was essential to make this project happen and to broaden the opportunity for artistic learning and growth.”

Students from participating schools have formed a Youth Vision Collective to bring to life the exhibition they have named “Validate”. They’ve been working on their exhibits since March, as well as designing and curating the show, gaining valuable first-hand experience about the work that goes on behind the scenes of an art exhibition, Manley says.

The Youth Vision Collective have crafted a statement about the exhibition: “The young artists of today are creating the masterpieces of tomorrow, so it's important for everyone to understand that their vision matters. Our exhibition Validate is our chance to show what we're bringing to the table in the world of art and design and inspire artists all around our city.”

Applications open Monday 2 August

Among eligibility criteria for Creative Communities Scheme funding is that arts projects must be within the Palmerston North City Council boundaries and have an arts or culture focus. Projects must either create opportunities for local communities to participate in arts activities, support diverse arts and cultural traditions, or enable and encourage under-18s to engage with the arts.