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Don’t run out of time, vote early on ‘Vote Day’

Friday September 30 2016

Palmerston North Voters should post their papers early to make sure they have their say on who should represent them.

Postal voting for the 2016 local elections runs from 16 September and all voting papers must be returned to the Palmerston North City Council by midday on 8 October.

Electoral Officer John Annabell has been overseeing the City’s local elections since 1992.

“Over the years people have told me they always intend to vote but they run out of time or forget and the voting papers remain on the pile with the other mail.”

This year, we are backing a Local Government New Zealand’s Vote2016 Campaign urging people to post their papers on Saturday 1 October-or ‘Vote Day.’

“That is a week out from when polls close so it should give people plenty of time to put pen to paper then get their forms in the post.”

Currently 17.2% of eligible voters have put in their returns. This is slightly higher than at the same time three years ago when 16.5% had voted. We’ve still got some way to go.‘Vote Day’ this Saturday is a perfect opportunity for people to make sure their vote counts.”

Dr Annabell says local government has a huge impact on everyone’s daily life from pavements to parks, libraries to water and waste.

“The local government elections are a one-in-three-year opportunity to have your say and be counted.”

This year LGNZ has run the Vote2016 campaign, which aims to lift voter turnout in local elections nationally to more than 50 per cent for the first time since the 1980s.

“Voters can still post their papers up until Wednesday 5 October but after that they’re better to hand it in at the Palmerston North City Council Building on The Square.”

The polls close at midday on Saturday 8 October.

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What: ‘Vote Day’

When: 1 October 2016

Why: Make sure you have your say by voting early

How: Visit to find your nearest post box or office.