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Emergency roadworks: Summerhill

Tuesday November 17 2020

Chorus needs to urgently get to one of its damaged boxes on Tennent Drive near the Summerhill Drive offramp for a short period tomorrow morning for vital repairs.

This means if you’re travelling from the city and head up Summerhill Drive, then you will be detoured around the front of Massey University and up Old West Road between 6.30am and 9.30am.

If you’re travelling from Aokautere or Summerhill to the city, you’ll be able to use the road like normal.

Residents heading in from Linton or Horowhenua will be able to drive in front of Massey University before 9.30am, and then the detour will kick in from 9.30am to the back of Massey University and onto Summerhill Drive.

We’ve asked Chorus to get in early and do the work, before the road closure for Tennent Drive kicks in at 9.30am.

We know this couldn’t be worse timing, but we’re doing all we can to minimise impact for road users, while ensuring our key services are protected and maintained for you.

What we need from you

  • Leave home early tomorrow if you’re travelling around this area
  • Be patient
  • Look out for each other on the roads and let treat other motorists how you’d like to be treated- merge safely, use your indicator, maintain safe following distances etc.