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Fast charge station now in The Square

Thursday December 22 2016

Council hopes a new electric vehicle charging station in The Square will encourage more visitors to the region as well as helping to drive a switch to a more sustainable mode of transport.

Photo shows a vintage car parked next to an electric car recharging in the Square.

The fast charging station can recharge an electric car battery in less than 25 minutes.

The fast charging station is a first for Palmerston North. Council parks and property manager John Brenkley says the idea stemmed from an electric vehicle rally that came through the city earlier this year, with lots of cars needing to recharge at the same time.

“Mayor Grant Smith thought it would be a smart idea if we had a fast charger in place. With the charging station in The Square, motorists can leave their cars to charge while they look around the city.”

The fast charger station is next to the Ghost Tower sculpture and allows two cars to be charged at the same time.

“The Manawatū is one of the most active regions in the country in terms of embracing electric vehicles, something of which it can be rightfully proud,” says Powerco chief executive Nigel Barbour.

“The Palmerston North station is an important link in a growing network of fast chargers nationwide, and will be a game-changer for locals and visitors alike. Most electric cars take six to eight hours to charge through a domestic powerpoint, so one of the challenges until now has been the ability to charge them when you’re away from home – but fast charge stations like this one can charge a car in less than 25 minutes.

“We hope the fast charger will encourage even more people to make the switch to electric vehicles, which are cheaper, cleaner and quieter to run than those fuelled by petrol and diesel.”

Council’s role is to facilitate other stations as electric cars become more common, says Mr Brenkley. The charging station is owned and maintained by ChargeNet NZ.

Drivers use a fob to recharge their vehicles at the station. When you swipe the fob you get access to the power. At the end of the month ChargeNet invoices you for how much you’ve taken.