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Final proposal for representation review for 2019 local elections

Friday November 9 2018

Following the consideration of submissions, Palmerston North City Council resolved on 24 October to adopt its initial proposal for its representation review.

That proposal is:

  • All Councillors to be elected on a city-wide basis with no wards to be established.
  • The Council to comprise the Mayor and 15 Councillors.
  • No communities or community boards to be established in Palmerston North city.

The reasons for Council confirming its initial proposal and for the rejection of some submissions included the following:

The city comprises a single community of interest which covers the whole city. The city is geographically compact, with only one major business district and small suburban shopping areas. Also, many people reside in one part of the city, but work in another.

While the city also comprises many secondary communities of interest based on individual suburbs and villages, it would not be practicable for each community to be represented by an individual Councillor.

The proposed number of Councillors will enable the workload to be shared and will promote diversity.

The city does not include any communities that are sufficiently distinct or isolated as to require representation in the nature of community boards.

Of the 21 submissions received on the Council’s interim proposal, 11 submitters preferred Councillors to be elected on a citywide basis. In comparison, 10 submitters supported Councillors being elected on a ward basis.

In relation to the proposal for the number of Councillors, 18 submitters supported the existing number of Councillors and three submitters preferred fewer.

Eleven submitters supported the non-establishment of community boards, while nine submissions supported their establishment.

While the proposal is final, anyone who made a submission on the initial proposal may lodge an appeal. This appeal must relate to matters they raised in their submission and be received by Council no later than Thursday 13 December. All submitters have been contacted and advised of their right of appeal.

The outcome of any appeals will be decided by the Local Government Commission.