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Find your next best cuppa in the city

Monday March 9 2020

As a country of coffee connoisseurs and with Palmerston North stacked with quality cafes and carts, we felt it was fitting to curate a list of the top places to find a solid shot in the city, as voted by you.

Photo shows closeup of Andrew standing in front of his coffee cart with a cup of takeaway coffee in his outstretched hand.

We went to our social media channels and asked you where your top spots are. Pictured, Andrew Feldon of the top-ranked Mouthwater Coffee Company.

Top five places to find excellent coffee in Palmy

  1. Mouthwater Coffee Company came in as the number one place in Palmy to not only find the best coffee but also to find the best dad jokes in the city. Owner Andrew Feldon is a multi-award-winning barista with a clear passion to make his customers smile. Find his coffee carts at 820 Tremaine Ave and 159 Main Street.
  2. Ebony Coffee roasts all its beans in-house and has been said to make the best coffee in the city. The crew are passionate about the topic of coffee and also run a training school for future baristas. Check out the roastery and espresso bar at 208 Featherston Street.
  3. Arrosta Coffee Roasting Co. is best known for its award-winning coffee roasting process, which leads to its consistently excellent coffee. All coffee is made from Arrosta's in-house beans, and some Facebook users describe the coffee as "heaven in a cup". Find the roastery and espresso bar at 42 Victoria Ave and the week-day coffee container on the corner of Kaimanawa St and Mihaere Drive.
  4. Cafe Brie is a French-inspired cafe that offers not only delicious coffee but great service as well. Its coffee is made with Atomic beans from the Auckland roaster, and it also offers a range of French food to pair with your perfect latte. Visit the cafe at 218 Broadway Ave.
  5. Streetwise Coffee carts are a go-to for many Palmy commuters and students. This national brand prides itself on making exceptional coffee day in and day out and is an efficient place to stop when you're in need of some caffeine. Check out one of the carts at 335 Ferguson Street, 776 Main Street or 304 Rangitikei Street.

A note from the editors, please don't tackle this list all at once.

Photo shows closeup of barista making the final flourish to a milky coffee.

The cup that revives.

This story was originally published in the autumn 2020 issue of PalmyProud. Read the latest issue.