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Free recycling service for used non-commercial motor oil

Thursday August 30 2018

Free motor oil recycling for Palmerston North domestic residents is about to become a reality.

Photo shows cans of motor oil and a recycling logo. Embedded text says "free residential motor oil recycling".

A 12-month trial begins on Saturday 1 September, with non-commercial used motor oil accepted in leak-proof containers at the Palmerston North City Council’s Ferguson Street recycling centre.

Motor oil filters will also be accepted as part of the trial service.

Ray McIndoe, PNCC Acting Chief Infrastructure Officer says the trial came about after June’s inaugural hazardous waste collection day, when residents who registered could drop off certain types of toxic solid and liquid waste.

Waste motor oil wasn’t included in that collection, and Mr McIndoe says during the event there was plenty of enquiry about its disposal. In response it was decided to launch the waste oil recycling trial.

“Waste oil can be recovered and either recycled or re-refined. Making this service available not only meets our ambitions for sustainable practices, but also reduces the potential for used oil to find its way into the stormwater and sewage system and pollute waterways.”

The city’s stormwater is not treated, and anything spilled or tipped down stormwater or sewer drains will find its way into the Manawatū River. Land-based oil dumping can result in groundwater contamination.

“Used motor oil is hazardous. It contains plenty of other contaminants – lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, dioxins, benzene. Inappropriate disposal has the potential to harm fish, plants and humans,” Mr McIndoe says.

The oil must arrive at the Ferguson Street Recycling Centre during normal opening hours and in leak-proof containers. No other hazardous waste will be accepted.

The motor oil recycling service is for domestic users only. Businesses should already have their own commercial oil recycling systems in place with private providers.