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He Ara Kotahi numbers exceed our expectations

Tuesday July 2 2019

He Ara Kotahi is even more popular than we thought it would be. In its first three weeks, 56,000 people or groups have used the new pathway.

Photo shows loads of people walking over the new bridge, including seniors, babes in arms, kids on scooters and dogs.

Residents using He Ara Kotahi bridge

Sunday 30 June was the most popular day, with 5,615 people or groups using it.

The temporary trackers cannot differentiate between a group or person, so these numbers are likely to be conservative.

We have a tracker installed on He Ara Kotahi Bridge and another at Turitea Bridge, the second bridge on the way to Linton Military Camp. Close to 20,000 people have crossed the second bridge, which shows that a significant number of people are using the pathway as well as just looking at the main bridge.

A permanent tracker will be installed at He Ara Kotahi bridge in spring. Once that occurs, the temporary tracker will be moved to either the Massey University or Linton Military Camp entrances to the pathway.

We are very thankful that the residents near the bridge entrance are so welcoming to everyone wanting to experience our city’s newest landmark. 

The feedback Council has received about He Ara Kotahi is overwhelming. Every day we receive messages, comments, and have even had a poem praising the pathway. We have been so excited to bring this project to life, and it gives us immense pleasure to see how much the public is loving it. 

We can’t wait to watch its popularity continue to grow as summer approaches.