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Thursday February 2 2017

Last year Council spent more than $150,000 cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish. We want your help to identify those responsible.

Photo shows tyres that have been dumped on the footpath.

Council Water and Waste Services Manager Robert van Bentum says experience tells us that tackling illegal dumping requires community action. “Illegal dumping is an issue for every council and PNCC is committed to holding individuals accountable for their actions.

"The majority of residents in Palmerston North take great pride living in a city that strives to be a safe, clean and environmentally sustainable, where ratepayers get value for their rates and dispose of their waste responsibly. However, a small percentage of people choose to disrespect the law.” 

Van Bentum explains that illegal dumping of rubbish is covered by the Litter Act 1979. It's an offence to dump rubbish of any kind in public places, the roadside, or in parks or reserves.

“We gather information from the dumped items in order to trace their origin. A warning letter may be issued and the offender’s details recorded on a database. Any person found to be dumping rubbish in a public place can be prosecuted and could be fined up to $7,500."

So how can you help to keep Palmerston North a beautiful city for everyone to enjoy? If you see someone dumping waste out on the streets, parks, or countryside, please report it to us on 06 356 8199.

It's helpful if you can provide details like the car registration number, a description of the person, location, time and date, and what items you saw being dumped. The more information you can give us, the better the chance we will be able to track down the person responsible and hold them to account.

You can also let us know by using the incident reporting form on our website. Download it from our illegal dumping page

Find out more about how to dispose of your waste responsibly on our rubbish and recycling pages