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Huge glass recycling numbers in city

Monday January 14 2019

Christmas and a hot summer break see a spike in glass recycling in the city.

Photo shows workers sorting recycling at Awapuni resource recovery park.

With 266 tonnes of glass was recycled in the city in December, Palmy residents have clearly been quenching their thirst over the hot summer break.

Last week’s collection was our busiest yet. So busy, we had to put on another truck to help. All the trucks spent an extra three hours each day collecting than on other weeks.

That’s not unusual. January however, is the city’s busiest month for glass recycling with 50 per cent more glass than other months.

In December, 202 tonnes of glass was collected from kerbside collections. Our drop off recycling points were also popular with Ashhurst collecting almost eight tonnes and Awapuni almost nine tonnes.

The Ferguson Street Recycle Centre had the most by far though with 47 tonnes dropped off during the month.

We’re thinking about having an extra recycling drop off point in the north of the city as part of our Waste Management Plan that’s now open for consultation: Let us know what you think.