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Jump into June with knowledge

Thursday May 25 2017

Before you hunker down for winter, make time to visit Palmerston North City Council’s bunker and learn more about preparing for an emergency.

Civil defence infographic asks what would you do if you had no power, no water or no phone?

Are you prepared to get through in a civil defence emergency?

Emergency Management Officer Jock Robinson is hosting Jump into June with the Four Rs, on Wednesday 31 May, 6.30pm at the Council's Emergency Operations Centre.

"The four Rs are reduction, readiness, response and recovery – the four areas of activity for civil defence emergency management," Mr Robinson says.

"It’s a good idea any time of the year to ask yourself, 'if a disaster happened now, would we get through?' But worsening weather often sharpens the mind as to what Mother Nature can throw at us."

Mr Robinson will talk about the main hazards in Palmerston North, the importance of personal preparedness and the role of the Emergency Operations Centre.

To paraphrase Sir Geoffrey Palmer, sometimes it does us a power of good to remind ourselves that we live where two tectonic plates meet. "If you want drama you have come to the right place."

The evening is also a great opportunity to visit the Emergency Operations Centre, which is under the Council Administration Building in The Square and not usually open to the public.

The free evening will run from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. Registrations are essential.

Places are limited to 20 people and you must arrive by 6.25pm to be admitted into the centre as a group.

To register or for more information, email