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Last District Plan change presented to Council

Wednesday February 7 2018

Palmerston North City Councillors were today presented with a proposal for the last plan change in the city’s Sectional District Plan Review, known as Shaping our City.

“This has been a significant and successful project for Council,” David Murphy City Planning Manager says. “Shaping our City has built on the strengths of previous planning regimes, but has promoted significant change. We believe we are one of the first councils to initiate and complete a sectional District Plan review, having commenced the review in 2010.”

The review broke down the District Plan into sections, and over seven years Council has completed 17 plan changes, including:

  • Updated city view objectives
  • Strengthened city centre
  • Whakarongo Residential Area
  • Include boundary change area
  • Industrial growth
  • Integrated wind farms and landscape policy
  • Enabling the growth and development of the Airport
  • Protection of high class soils
  • Allowing a variety of new housing options
  • Modern city planning approach with a focus on good quality design

“There has been an excellent response from our community to all of the changes, and no substantive Environment Court hearings have been required, which has allowed the process to be integrated smoothly. The city is now well placed to grow in a sustainable manner consistent with Council’s strategic direction and requirements of the RMA 1991."

Proposed Plan Change 22A-G (PPC22A-G), the final change, was presented to Council by Jono Ferguson-Pye, Senior Policy Planner.

“The focus of PPC22A-G is on those sections of the District Plan that have not been reviewed or sections that have only been reviewed in part,” says Mr Ferguson-Pye.

Topics included in PPC22A-G are: Introduction; information requirements; and monitoring

  • Signs
  • Noise
  • Transport
  • Subdivision
  • Natural Hazards

“Of particular interest to some will be changes to signs, where we have taken into account current technology, with a focus on visual amenity and safety for road users," says Mr Ferguson-Pye.

“Another proposed change is a new requirement for larger developments to provide bicycle parking and provision for end-of-trip facilities such as showers and changing rooms. This, like other proposed changes aligns with Council’s strategies, in this case our Active Community Plan and Integrated Transport Strategy.”

Formal notification of PPC22A-G is planned to take place in March with a prescribed consultation process.