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Library ready for dinosaur invasion

Monday September 26 2016

Children have long been fascinated with dinosaurs. So much so that anything to do with dinosaurs features highly in the most popular lists at the City Library.

Photo shows man holding books about dinosaurs in front of library shelves full of similar books.

Content development librarian Craig Johnston with some of the dinosaur-related material held in the City Library. Around 200 new items have recently been purchased in anticipation of increased demand triggered by Te Manawa's latest exhibition.

In preparation for Dinosaur Encounter – now open at Te Manawa – the library’s content team has been sourcing a wide range of new dinosaur-related items to keep up with an anticipated increase in demand.

“We’ve spent around $5,000 which is about 200 items,” says content development librarian Craig Johnston. “These range from touch-and-feel interactive books for the toddlers, the technical books which older children enjoy, up to alternative history books for our youth. There are some awesome books among our new purchases that will complement our already large selection.”

Besides books, dinosaurs feature in audio books and DVDs. One particular movie series franchise, The Land Before Time, has been churning out dinosaur movies since 1988. The fourteenth movie in the series is due to be released soon.

Around 30,000 new items are purchased every year by the content team which ensures library visitors have access to the latest material.

“We also enjoy being able to respond to special requests for items people would like us to purchase,” says Craig. “At times like this when we know there is going to be an increase in demand for books we ensure we have the latest on hand.”

Dinosaur Encounter at Te Manawa

Dinosaur Encounter opened on Saturday 24 September and runs until 26 February 2017. The exhibition was developed by the designers and scientists from the Natural History Museum, London. They've created an unprecedented level of realism with nine state-of-the-art animatronic dinosaur models which will give visitors a thrilling glimpse of life seventy million years ago.